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Renovations and Additions
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A-1 Indwelling Floor Plan-Sheet 176.5 KB
A-2 Indwelling Exterior Elevations 93.7 KB
A-3 Indwelling Deck & Ramp Plan-pdf 79.3 KB
A-4 Indwelling Sections 64.1 KB
A-5 Indwelling ADA Reference Drawings 95.1 KB
A-6 Indwelling Interior Elevaitons 119.5 KB
A-7 Indwelling Schedules 132.0 KB
A-8 Indwelling Schedules 148.3 KB
AB-1 Indwelling As Built-Sheet 76.3 KB
AB-2 Indwelling As Built Elevations 135.9 KB
C-1 Indwelling Site Plan 219.1 KB
E-1 Indwelling Electrical Plan 201.5 KB
FP-1 Indwelling Fire Protection Plan 1.8 MB
M-1 Indwelling Mechanical Drawing 82.4 KB
S-1 Indwelling Structural Plan 4.4 MB